Einstein In Warsaw


Her grandmother’s stretch marks guide me home
Like the tracks to the gates of Treblinka where I dream of her nighttime carousel
I can smell a Russian mother’s ass in the dark by her farts,
I don’t need to see the glow of her spray tanned aura—
Tied up naked and tearing her heart out, I don’t let her talk—
The days when the shining sun is a gift from God,
The cat yowls at distant alien stars, why would I stalk an ugly girl,
Worshipping Christian stars, her Chinese mouth a camera full of dreams,
It’s so European to snort coke in bed, but she can’t talk with my tongue in her ass
She wants to go back home where everything is beautiful—
Where midnight cuts the soul like a knife into perfect squares
She’s too stiff and takes up too much room for a Hindi girl,
She’s a beauty queen and mother of two
With no time to remember the Auswitch playground—
Kayla permanently scarred by walking in on her mother being sodomized—
It drove her so mad she tore her eyes out and lies down in the grass with the perfect ass of a seasoned whore with the faceless blowjob chops of a movie star
I chased her down and now I’m waiting for her to inevitably come around—
It’s a big inflatable ship, I don’t want to hear her speaking French
French girls suck cock with the back of their throat,
Pounding their head noisily against the headboard—
Lucy never lied about the stars but she’s changed her name,
Mother smiles mixed up with Kayla in the dark, her hemorrhoids glamorous
The ancient scriptures aren’t all that ancient and sound like fairy tales to me,
She plays with toys in the dark, turn the page and let her get drunk
Is she Indian or European, I can’t tell and don’t want to know—
Caitlin is fat in black in the future and beautiful and round—
Islamabad on fire, redheaded whores in holes looking like stars,
The Liberty and Independence explore the millions of planets in our galaxy
The children of Sodom born in the seventies,
Breathing hazardous to their health blooming in the Palestinian desert
Martha Graham dancing with Noguchi, thickly muscled leg kicks higher than a Rockette’s, Lili St. Cyr diving headlong into an acid bath—
Fannie Foxe jumping headlong into the Potomac Tidal Basin—
I saw a fat woman I knew in bondage and was not impressed,
Yet I’ve dream about her ever since, Bettie Page never jumped out of a cake,
Christian stars doing porn, smoking meth and crack, waiting for Jesus
A zombie army led by a vegan will meet the robot invasion head on—
I will use my time machine to go back to Warsaw
And fuck as many Jewish sluts as possible before 1942—
And Miss America in bondage side by side with her mother
Just gets so tiresome and repeats and repeats,
Repeats herself until she can’t speak, can’t breathe—
Until I’m sick to my stomach and can hardly type, eating her chocolate donut—
The girl with blonde hair and big ass thinking she’s Japanese royalty
Comes to me in my sleep making insane demands in Polish,
Saying she is a mother but I’m not swayed by her gifts—
The scent of her honey all too familiar and she talks and talks
Until someone ties her down and gags her to shut her up and with her ass perched high opens her asshole at last to the infinite dream of time

Einstein In Warsaw

Einstein walking down the Warsaw streets
With a Polish hooker in ripped stocking s and French panties—
A Chinese couple moving in just downstairs
Almost burned the place to the ground
With the irradiated lizard they call cooking—
An Israeli girl looking her up and down with her 1000 eyes,
“I’m too old for this shit,” she says as he mounts her behind
The world spinning out of control—
Why doesn’t anyone take any personal responsibility anymore?

Einstein in Warsaw talking in his sleep,
Getting up to smoke pot not bothering to turn on the light,
He doesn’t want the Nazis to see,
But they have their eyes closed—
He’s thinking of Princeton and Svetlana
And how one day the atomic bomb will change the world
And change it back again—
His life’s work, his magnum opus, his epic unfinished,
The novel he’s been struggle to bring himself to write—

Einstein loading his pipe and puffing with all his might
His hooker waking up in a panic like she’s crazy
But it’s the fire alarm combined with the ambulance siren
That startles her in the darkest out of a waking nightmare—
Thanking god for Jesus and Buddha and Zoroaster,
Batman and Superman and Zorro,
Thinking of Sasha while he sodomizes her sister—
Einstein’s time machine takes him back and back
To the brothels of Warsaw where the pussy tastes like red wine—

He’d prefer a girl without tattoos
Because the ink makes her skin feel like paper—
But that’s the way they all come now, with the mark of the Beast
Because that’s what the Nazis prefer—
Einstein using his time machine to go back and back in time
So she’s always a virgin, that is, it’s always her first time
And Jesus was never born in Warsaw—
His mother born pregnant his father got drunk,
And I stumbled into her cunt as big as a cave

Einstein walking along Żelazna Street
Looking for hookers to save—
Where Polish girls give better head than the German girls
Making up his mind for all time


Helena will let you take her picture for money doing anything—
Give her enough whisky and she will get on her knees and suck off a dog—
The dog has been trained and knows what’s coming—
She works for Abraham and always has a smile on her painted face

She walks the streets in red fishnets collecting money
For Group 13
On Lezno Street—
She lived to die an old woman in my arms—
Still saying through her cracked lips how she used to be a prostitute
In the ghetto because she had to eat, dry biscuits or cock, or both—
I still love her and always will
She dreamed she was German

More beautiful than the chosen few
More beautiful than the shiksas,
So beautiful she could me hard just thinking about her
She had no mother she’d admit to—
All the while on her knees choking,
She was into being strangled—
It made her feel so alive, even years later—
She would never wear fishnets again because they reminded her of nights in the ghetto,
On rooftops with the blond boys who wouldn’t let her know their names,
Pretending they were raping a virgin with a broken bottleneck

In her tattered housecoat making coffee,
Her mind in fragments, memories of her ancient grandmother
Who was yishuv but whose own memories were scattered like sand in the wind,
She knew she had an Arab lover once, many in fact—
She was just like her grandmother—
Just like Ruth and Esther and Jezebel,
And Deborah and Judith and Eve and Lillith
Just like all the women in the books—
But not like them at all, just naked like them
Just easy like them, there were thousands more—

I walked in on her taking a bath and she insisted that I pee in the tub—
I loved Ann dearly and should have loved her better,
Should have married her,
Should have had a Jewish wife and been famous for it
Like the other black guys, but no—
I didn’t fuck her in the basement alley
I bailed her out of Kingston jail instead
I left her alone to suck another man’s cock like the judenrat whore she was,
It was a habit she never broke and never told her kids about, or did she?
Did she go senile before she died, I don’t know—

Is she dead? I don’t know
But one day a long time ago, she was dragged into a hallway,
Her worn down high heels left behind on the pavement and gang raped
In the hall beneath the mailboxes

But I do know from that day on
Helena would let you take pictures of her doing anything—
She was jokingly called the queen of the ghetto, but seriously she was



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