Ripped Pantyhose Mama

Welcome to Japan where every woman is a whore and every mother’s legs open like a magic door crushing the ice beneath infinity’s wheels—
The sun in its Gutai Heaven cooks our meals in the Gutai rain,
Where blonde beehives give us honey and money
And grandmother is a genie in a bottle of fear that wants you to rub her skull until she cums in your hand, mother buried in the backyard sand counts to 100 precisely, my teacher giving me a dollar to rape her daughter and read the words aloud inscribed on her soul—
If Bettie Page had moved to Europe like Josephine Baker,
She could have forgotten how many times she’d been raped
Before she got famous and she’d be worth more than spit and gold
Just like she is today as pure as Jesus in his Heaven—
Anna Mae Wong in pantyhose and size seven stilettos
Would never let her go and insist on being naked to feel the breeze
So we tear the rayon from her body and shove her in a hole—
Welcome to Japan where no one has just one soul,
Where you have to go to the top of Pyongyang Mountain
To await the messiah we know is coming
To drink from her magic fountain as she rolls over in her sleep
And cries out Negro hymns that she learned films on the American Civil War—
Knowing every song by heart, she’s a folk singer on the weekend
And an Anarchist prostitute, Shulamith’s ghost is jerry’s succubus,
I remember she intended to suck your cock and take it in the ass
Like she’s done so many times, I’ll bet she’s married now,
Her husband knowing about all of her crimes—
There’s no soul here, only the art of cheerleading,
Babies eat yogurt and smear al over themselves,
Dante the patron saint of Satanists the world over—
My Gutai poetics and my cat flawless in my clean cyberworld—
Her mother takes her glasses off to blow me but I’ll never have that chance again, a Midnight blonde born to kill that died centuries ago—
A beautiful Italian and a chunky brunette will never do,
Welcome to Japan, you must be lost because we are too—
Her Gutai pantyhose torn and crusty with filth,
Across the strait she lets the tiger have his way,
The stars are black and white and mother’s pussy too—
When Emily masturbates she shakes the walls of every room
Thank your mother for giving me pussy otherwise I’d never get any pussy at all and it’s grandmother’s decision to light the lamps in the street but it’s Emma’s decision to offer her ass to every cock she meets, I swear she’s a genius, her gap-toothed smile whistling nonstop, she’s what Heaven must taste like when fat girls spread their thighs every night in my dreams I’m fucking her zombie brains out—
But in the light of the Gutai sunrise I can’t stand to see her plastic face full of tears—


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